six times more effective than letters

at one fifth the cost.

what we do.

Appt is an intelligent appointment booking platform designed to help the NHS transform the delivery of preventative healthcare. We combine accessible digital technology with behavioural economics, targeted messaging and data analysis to help patients to book targeted NHS appointments.

A patient at a practice using Appt will receive a series of tailored and personalised messages before being given the choice of three appointment slots so they can pick the one that suits them.

At Appt we are committed to transforming preventative healthcare by working with patients, practices and commissioners to deliver a solution that works for everyone. access the support they need to properly manage their long-term condition.

"if the nation fails to get serious about prevention then recent progress in healthy life expectancies will stall, health inequalities will widen, and our ability to fund beneficial new treatments will be crowded-out by the need to spend billions of pounds on wholly avoidable illness."

The NHS Five Year Forward View

more cost-effective

Six times the booking rate, at one fifth of the price of letters.

more accessible

No-need to call the practice, just book by text message.

more responsive

100% positive feedback from the patients and practice staff using Appt.

why we do it.

In 2015 there were 15 million people in England living with at least one long-term condition, by 2025 we think there will be 3 million more, but already the NHS spends 70% of it’s annual budget on care for this group. We need to get serious about preventative healthcare if we are to secure the future on the NHS.

At Appt we believe that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work and we are working to create a system that helps patients to understand their own health and makes accessing preventative healthcare as painless as possible.

why us.

Appt was born from frontline experience – in GP surgeries and medical centres in East London. We saw the problems that stem from low access to healthcare and poor management of long-term conditions. We are committed to working with practices and practice staff to help them deliver the care their patients need, and we are committed to working with patients to make sure that they can access the care they need to live happy, healthy lives.